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Rubab ( Persian: رُباب‎) (known as “the lion of instruments”) is a lute-like musical instrument originating from Iran and Afghanistan.The rubab is one of the national musical instruments of Afghanistan and other areas inhabited by the Pashtun, Baloch and also played by Sindhi people in Sindh and by Kashmiri people in Kashmir. It proliferated throughout West, Central, South and Southeast Asia. The body is carved out of a single piece of wood, with a head covering a hollow bowl which provides the sound-chamber. The bridge sits on the skin and is held in position by the tension of the strings. It has three melody strings tuned in fourths, two or three drone strings and up to 15 sympathetic strings. The instrument is made from the trunk of a mulberry tree, the head from an animal skin such as goat, and the strings from the intestines of young goats or nylon.

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