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Introducing all types of wooden handicrafts

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Wooden handicrafts are one of the delicate and attractive Persian handicrafts that everyone realizes when they see them. A delicate and beautiful work created by hand, for many years, shows its creative taste. Since the raw materials are wood, there are many and natural handicrafts in parts of Iran. All types of wooden handicrafts products made of wood and or tree stems are made to be welcomed.
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History of Persian Carpet

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In this article, we intend to give a brief overview of the history of Persian carpet. The history of the carpet can be traced back to the beginning of civilization in human societies. Since people felt they could not live on a cold, dusty soil, they began to use the skin of the animals they hunted and the wool of other animals. The history of Persian rugs shows that the need for larger and more beautiful rugs gradually increased with the expansion of urbanization and the construction of different houses.
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Introducing Termeh one of the luxurious Iranian fabric

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The beginning of Termeh weaving in Iran dates back to the early Safavid period, although some believe that the main birthplace of Termeh is the heart of Central Asia and the Kashmir highlands. Some believe that Termeh weaving began in Iran and then spread to Kashmir What can be said about this very delicate fabric is that the taste and initiative of Iranians in the delicacy of its texture, material and imaginative designs is unique in the world.
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