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Apparel with Persian Design, Parseh Collection

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The new apparel design of Zomoorod is a set of historical signs and elements of Iran . Zomorrod Persian Arts Gallery has been producing apparel with the design of Iranian art designs in a new action in collaboration with the Teespring site. This collection presents The Persian ancient designs such as THE GREAT ANCIENT ARMY OF PERSIA , THE GREAT CYRUS , THE FARAVAHAR and other historical elements of Iran.
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History of Iranian Handicrafts

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Undoubtedly, the talent and creative power of the Iranians and their interest in art and the creation of artworks have been one of the factors in the persistence of Iranian handicrafts. However, Iranian culture, like other cultures in the ancient Near East, has a very complex and varied civilization, and we must refer to historical documents to study and identify it. Continue reading History of Iranian Handicrafts