Persian Turquoise Inlay – Firoozeh Koobi

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Turquoise Inlay or Firoozehkubi or Firoozeh Koobi is one of the handicrafts of Iran, which is done by placing small pieces of turquoise stone in a mosaic shape on the surface of dishes, ornaments and decorative objects. Whatever the Turquoise Inlaid plate be more elaborate and regular with smaller distance between the turquoise pieces, the greater its artistic value. Today, the center of this art is Isfahan.

Turquoise Inlay

Turquoise Inlay or Firoozehkubi was done about 60 or 70 years ago in Mashhad (North Khorasan) by Nematullah Layegh (known as Nematullah Khan) and was brought to Isfahan. Turquoise Inlay or Firoozehkubi, like many arts, has a decorative and luxurious aspect. But since this art is done on dishes such as confectionery, Sugar Candy Bowl, Vases, Sprinklers, Sangabs and etc, They also have a practical aspect. But as we said, Turquoise Inlay or Firoozehkubi was applied to the jewelry before it was done on the dishes. An art that still has many fans today. But today, Turquoise Inlay or Firoozehkubi is used not only on dishes and jewelry, to make exquisite tableau.

Turquoise Inlay2The steps of making Turquoise Inlay or Firoozehkubi are:

Surface preparation: The surface under the work is made by hand or press machine, smoothed and polished and ready for the next step.
Firoozehkubi: Turquoise Master separates turquoise particles, which should be similar in size and color, from others. After determining the type of stone to be worked on the surface the surface of the metal is heated a little, at this time, a little powder varnish (walnut varnish) is sprayed on the surface. When the varnish is in a molten state, turquoise is applied on it. After covering the desired surface with turquoise and filling the empty spaces between the turquoises with smaller turquoises, it is smoothed and polished with the help of “Absan” stone to remove the ridges of lacquer and turquoise and get a one-handed surface. It is at this point that the true color of turquoise appears.
Finishing: At this stage, the turquoise surfaces are polished and then polyester is applied on it, which is due to the protection of the work surface and also the maximum beauty of the effect.