5 Iran’s Famous Handicrafts in The World

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As you know, Iran has various works and handicrafts that have made Iranian handicrafts shine in the world. Among the 5 Iranian handicrafts that play the leading role in the world, we can mention turquoise, inlay, Iranian carpet, engraving and pottery, and ceramics, which have high sales in the market.

Turquoise Inlaying (FIROOZEH KOOBI)

Turquoise Inlaying is one of the methods of decorating copper utensils in a completely artistic way. Although this beautiful art is not very old, but it has a lot of fans inside and outside the country. Turquoise dishes are made by putting together unusable pieces of turquoise, which gluing these pieces on copper dishes creates a unique masterpiece that gives a very attractive view to the surroundings. Turquoise is one of the handicrafts of Iran and souvenirs of Isfahan, which is also a very attractive gift. Experienced and specialized masters have been used to perform turquoise stamping and the result is impressive dishes that you see in the market. The variety of products of this art is great and all kinds of copper and turquoise dishes are made in different dimensions.

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Khatam Kari (Persian Marquetry)

Khatam Kari is another original Iranian handicraft that is performed on various objects and one of the most popular is copper. In this art, tiny triangles are drawn next to each other in a completely artistic way, and the more delicate and tiny these triangles are, the more the effect of the work will be. Inlaying on copper utensils has become very popular today and you will see many utensils that are known as copper and inlay utensils. The art of Khatam Kari is world-renowned and has received high orders from inside and outside the country. Wood carving is also very famous and has a wonderful view.

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Iranian carpet is one of the best handicrafts in Iran

The Persian carpet is one of the oldest and most exquisite Iranian handicrafts that can be clearly seen in all Iranian homes. Handmade carpets are very valuable and have been very popular among decoration designers. Persian carpet was first considered for a long time during the Safavid period and since then it has been known as a cover for the floor of the house and until now carpets are one of the main components of the house that has a great impact on the appearance of the house. Carpets are embroidered by Iranian women artists and exported to other countries. The carpets are made of very small theropods that together have been able to create a very beautiful and spectacular role. The carpets have different designs, each of which is for a specific city in Iran and is a symbol of Iranian identity.

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Qalamzani (Persian metalworking and engraving)

Iran has always been the cradle of artists who implement their art in different ways, and in the meantime, engraving is one of these methods, which is very attractive and spectacular. Art engraving is an image created by engraving patterns on metal utensils such as brass, silver, gold and copper. These patterns are formed by the blows that are applied to the dishes with a hammer in a delicate and artistic way. Engraving is a very exquisite and valuable art that has a great impact on home decoration and the motifs and motifs used in the art of engraving show the rich culture of Iranians.

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Pottery and Ceramics

Pottery is one of the oldest handicrafts in Iran and many of these handicrafts can be seen in domestic museums. Pottery and ceramics are some of the most valuable heritage of Iran that played a very important role in the past and today is used as one of the most attractive decorative objects. In the past, pottery and ceramic designs were completely manual, but today this is done using special devices and in an easier way. The art of pottery and ceramics is very popular so that in some cities of Iran, small pottery workshops have been set up to meet the needs of buyers.

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