A Sign of Persian Art in Persian Handmade Carpets

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A sign of Iranian art can be seen in every Persian handmade carpet and this type of carpet is popular in many cities around the world. In the seven divisions of world art, the name of carpet is not mentioned and carpet has no special place in world art.

A Sign of Persian Art in Persian Handmade Carpets

But Iranian carpet is one of the most original artistic fields of this country. the Persian carpet is a perception of existence that adorns the earth with an allegory of it.
Iranian carpets, which have generally been the manifestation of Iranian paradise gardens, have brought with them the atmosphere and tranquility of Iranian architecture. The use of colors such as turquoise, azure, amber, and Iranian red and hundreds of other unique colors that originate from Iranian tiling and the variety of soil colors in this country, with the softness of nomadic silk and wool, deeply connected with the culture of this country. has eaten. A sign of Iranian art can be seen in handmade carpets of all cities, and in the world of symbolism, every carpet is like a book to be read and has a story in it. In the Persian carpet, the shrub is a cedar on which the wind has blown and its apex is bent.

All Iranian handmade carpets, like other Iranian handicrafts, have their own destiny and story, and love and originality can be found in their story.

The carpets of the “TermehCrafts” collection can be considered as one of the highest quality and most beautiful handmade carpets. Nowadays, “TermehCrafts” carpets, including carpets and kilims, are woven in rural houses and nomadic tents with high quality by local weavers in various regions, including Bakhtiari, Qashqai, Kurdistan, and Azerbaijan. These carpets are produced in modern and classic designs with the best quality wool and are dyed in carpet plant dyeing workshops.